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Can you correctly guess which statements about Fire Emblem are true?

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FE11: This game introduced many new characters, most of which are completely missable, however you will always get Frey on every playthrough
FE6: No unpromoted light magic users exist in this game
FE8: This is the first game in which axe users can promote into sword users
FE1: If one makes it to the final chapter without the falchion, the game is unbeatable, as in this game it was the only weapon that could damage Medeus (FE3/11 changed this)
FE7: This game is the first in the series to have a map objective that doesn't involve moving a lord to a point (seize, escape, etc.)
FE13: Cordelia and her daughter, Severa, share a voice actor
FE8: Knights, while starting with only lances in this game, get full weapon triangle access regardless of their chosen promotion
FE14: Selena was originally going to be a cavalier, despite not having cavalier in her Awakening class sets, similarly to how Odin was made into a dark mage
FE14: Hoshido and Nohr both possess a promoted bow using class with staves, and both give a skill that restores health
FE2: The first obtainable cleric in this game had access to Nosferatu without leveling
FE10: There are no brave knives/daggers in this game
FE10: There are four characters who will not attack Ilyana if she is an enemy, however she has no issues attacking them herself
FE9: Rhys is the only playable light magic user in the entire game
FE3: This game features generic promoted enemies earlier than any other game, with dracos appearing in chapter two
FE5: Valflame exists in this game's code, but nobody can equip it
FE10: The ward staff can raise resistance even just by equipping it
FE1: Medeus' weapon only has 70 hit, and weighs him down to 0 effective speed
FE2: Kamui, Robin, and Kris are all playable units in this game, sharing their names with avatar characters from later games
FE11: Lorenz cannot be recruited with Marth in this game
FE6: Despite several romantic supports appearing in this game, Roy is the only character who can get special paired endings
FE14: Kagero was originally going to be the elder Hoshidan sibling, rather than Hinoka
FE8: In their supports, Eirika flashes herself at Forde
FE12: There is a 'Wrys' staff in this game, that is just a heal staff that heals 2 more hp
FE3: Doga's defense growth is his lowest growth (excluding res)
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FE6: The western Isles is the first example of a route split in the Fire Emblem games
FE11: The game will give you generic replacement units if you lose too many units in this game. Some of them have names resembling words like 'awful' 'loser' and 'weakling'
FE6: The A rank dark tome Fenrir is more common from chests than Flux is
FE10: The Black Knight can actually get transfer bonuses through hacking a save of FE9
FE1: Originally Elice was Marth's love interest and Caeda was his sister, however this was changed later in development
FE8: Eirika's growths are exactly equal to Lyn's
FE14: Though some characters appear in all three routes, and most appear in two, there is only one character, Fuga, who appears in only one route
FE7: While Pent does not have an unpaired ending coded, Louise actually does.
FE5: Despite being siblings, while Delmud/Dermott can use the Beo sword, Nanna cannot
FE7: This game features a cameo from a younger version of Niime, who is in an otherwise unnoteworthy house. She lacks unique dialogue with Canas, however
FE3: Once you recruit Sheema, you can get her to kill all of her soldiers for free exp
FE2: Camus, a boss in FE1, is playable in this game
FE13: Say'ri was originally going to have a child, who would have been the only default barbarian in the game, but was scrapped later
FE4: It is possible to go through the entire game and never once obtain the Tyrfing, despite it being obtainable in both generations
FE9: Leanne, the heron, has unused base stats and growths in the code of the game, suggesting at one point she would be playable
FE5: Using a glitch, you can actually fight Manfroy in chapter 5. His stats are too high to be killed, however, and fighting him with Leif crashes the game
FE13: Ricken shares all of his potential classes with Chrom (except for mage/lord)
FE6: Originally, Guinevere was playable in the main game, and acted as a second lord-type character
FE1: No unit in the entire game has a res stat above 0, and no unit has any res growth
FE1: Generals exist in this game, but knights cannot promote into them
FE10: There are four versions of every single laguz attack in the game, B, A, S and SS
FE13: Cordelia appears in chapter 7, at level 7, and was born 7/7
FE5: This game is the first one in the series to have a lord with a 'normal' hair colour
FE12: Feena is tied for the highest strength growth of any dancer in the series in this game
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FE11: It is possible to obtain two separate falchions in this game through an exploit
FE4: This was the last game in the series to lack the weapon triangle
FE2: This game's luck only impacts the backfire rate of weapons
FE12: Kris steals Jeigan's threat against Lang from the original FE3, changing it to 'I may be young, but I, [name], will not lose to the likes of you!'
FE12: General was added as a female reclass option in this game, exclusively to account for Sheema
FE13: Through reclassing, Tharja can use every single weapon/staff in the game, excluding exclusive weapons (rapier, Amatsu, stones, etc), without DLC
FE7: Lucius was originally a priest, and Serra was originally a sister (female monk), but this was changed so that female monks did not need a separate entry in the game's code
FE3: Luke/Ruke shares his name with a character from FE2
FE7: This game features a bow that is identical to an iron bow (but with more uses) but doesn't deal effective damage to fliers
FE14: Despite not having natural access to swords, Takumi has a katana named after him
FE5: This game has long swords and short bows, but they are functionally completely different to their equivalents in the later games
FE9: Originally, Mist was a mage, and promoted to Valkyrie, but this was changed so that you would have another healer if Rhys died
FE3: Yubello and Ellerean do not gain defense on promotion, but Merric does
FE4: It is possible to have units other than Shanan use the Balmung
FE2: Dread Fighter promotes into villager
FE8: Ephraim's lord class is the only unpromoted lord class in the series to use lances
FE12: There are no A rank axes in this game
FE4: Despite Briggid and Jamke both having pursuit, if they marry, Patty will not have pursuit until she promotes
FE9: The Knight Ward actually grants a hidden def/res growth bonus of 30%
FE4: If the thief Dew has died by chapter 4, the player must use a bridge key in order to progress
FE9: Before the laguz gauge was finalised, laguz used beaststones, similar to manaketes and later the taguel
FE11: Tiki can use the Earthstone without cheats through use of an inventory glitch

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