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Can you correctly guess which statements about Fire Emblem Suports are true?

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FE8: All of Ewan's supports grow at the same rate, +3 per turn
FE12: Despite Leiden and Robert being playable, Sirius can only support Belf
FE9: None of Boyd, Oscar and Rolf can support amongst each other
FE6: In a support with Ellen, Lugh reveals he has a lot of knowledge about how to make medicine
FE9: In his support with Shinon, Gatrie claims that his girlfriend is going to die of terminal kidney stones
FE12: Feena proposes to Navarre if they max support
FE14: Setsuna makes a meal for Azama in their supports, and her technique was to pay as little attention as possible
FE6: Wade and Lot tell Ekhidna a similar story in their supports witht her, but both of them claimed the other was scared and ran
FE13: Henry's parent/child supports do not follow the default parent/child support conversations, being completely unique for him
FE7: Lyn and Matthew are tied for Hector's fastest supports
FE9: Boyd, a fire affinity, can only support water affinities
FE7: If their conversations are obtained, Louise will reveal to Pent that she is pregnant, while they are fighting the dragon
FE14: Felicia is Flora's only support option (excluding Corrin and potentially Kana)
FE6: It is revealed in a support between them that Klein saved Dieck's life in the past
FE7: All of Rebecca's paired endings mention that her son gained one of his father's attributes
FE7: Renault and Isadora's paired ending has Isadora joining the clergy
FE7: Through supports it is suggested that Canas may be Nino's uncle
FE12: Kris can support every single playable character in the game
FE12: Minerva and Michalis cannot support
FE6: Roy and Lilina have enough base support points to instantly gain C support
FE12: Palla and Catria play chess together in their supports
FE14: If Corrin marries Niles, they will adopt Nina, but Kana is unrecruitable
FE13: Cynthia tells Sumia about a story in which Sumia went on a bloody rampage, killing friends and foes alike
FE13: Every instance of Morgan's unique sibling support occurs with F!Morgan, as M!Morgan can only have Lucina as a sibling, which uses her support, not Morgan's
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FE12: Caeda falls in love with m!Kris if max support is reached
FE14: When supporting Peri, Hinata makes a reference to the restaurant 'Nando's'
FE7: Merlinus' supports all start at 0 points
FE12: Palla and Frey have supports
FE8: Innes says 'Pshaw!' in a support conversation with Vanessa
FE6: Roy has 10 support options
FE14: Beruka and Benny's S support contains 9 text boxes that contain only ellipses
FE9: Brom manages to make Boyd cry in their B support
FE9: Ranulf and Ike gain a support conversation for every chapter they are deployed in together (up to the cap, obviously)
FE7: In Rebecca's support with Lowen, she misremembers the colour of the horse he's currently riding
FE8: Colm is the only one of Moulder's support options that starts at 0 points
FE12: Luke can support Rody, and Rody can with Cecille, but Luke and Cecille cannot support
FE9: Ilyana only learns about Zihark's name at the very end of their A support
FE8: There are no dark/dark affinity support options
FE13: Tiki is the only unit besides Robin who can have supports with second gen units that aren't parent/child supports
FE14: All of Mozu's first gen platonic supports are with female characters
FE12: Only female Kris sees Sirius without his mask, not male Kris
FE13: In Stahl's C support with Cordelia, he complements her musical talent, but it is never mentioned what instrument she was playing
FE7: Raven can support both Wil and Rebecca
FE13: Henry tells Ricken that one of the bosses previously fought was the 'best knitter in all of Plegia'
FE14: Several of M!Kana's supports end with him being rejected by his S partner
FE6: Karel can support Noah
FE14: F!Kana has more platonic support options than M!Kana
FE12: Both Bord and Cord say '(...)I guess. But we're totally different. For instance, err... That's right, our faces! I've got the more handsome face, doncha agree?' to Kris
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FE8: With planning, it is possible to have Franz, Forde and Kyle all marry one of Tana, Vanessa and Syrene each
FE6: Cecilia's highest base support is tied between Percival and Douglas
FE13: Flavia/Basilio is the only support between two opposite gendered first generation units not to end in an S support
FE8: L'arachel manages to beat Joshua constantly in games that he rigs in his favour in their supports
FE8: Ephraim is Eirika's slowest support
FE9: Rolf defeats Tauroneo in a duel in their supports
FE14: In their supports, Felicia offers oral sex to Niles
FE9: Janaff suggests that he and Lucia should go out partying in their C support
FE8: Kyle and Lute can get married if an A support is obtained
FE8: Amelia has four paired endings that result in her having a child
FE8: In their supports, Garcia apparently burns Dozla's beard off with a staff
FE7: It takes 240 turns for Hector and Farina to reach A rank support
FE6: Dorothy and Shin have a C support in which they do not interact at all
FE7: Pent can support all three pegasisters
FE6: Allen supports Wade, and Lance supports Lot
FE9: Elincia gains support with Ike at identical rate to her support with Bastian
FE13: Maribelle suggests Lon'qu's gynophobia can be cured by erotic workers
FE6: Astore, in all of his supports with Bors, is drinking alcohol or is drunk
FE13: Gangrel asks F!Robin to become a Plegian tactician, but not M!Robin
FE13: Every first gen unit, in addition to their romantic supports, has two same-sex platonic supports (excluding Robin and Robinsexuals)
FE9: Every heaven affinity unit can support a thunder affinity
FE14: Kaze, Saizo and Kagero all have 'fast' support building amongst each other

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