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Can you name the Bokurano characters by their last line(s)?

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Then here comes the finishing blow!
Because Dad was a chosen man!
Time to do this!
Thanks… I could fight because you were there for me.
I can’t even choose whether I die or not… I’m merely a pawn in this game
Kana-chan, bye bye!
A thirty hour death match… How appropriate for the final bout.
And that one… The one gleaming so brightly…
If only I could’ve been stronger, like Kana-chan… That way… even you, Onii-chan…
Onee-chan… Be happy.
You promised to forget about Daichi-nii-chan!
It’s not like we have anything to lose!
Aren’t I right, Dung Beetle?
Mom… Thank you.
Everyone, thank you for everything.
I’ll fight just as my father did!
It hurts… stop it… Even though it’s me, this is too much-
Give this to Jun… Tell him… to survive this…
Well, let’s hurry back before we’re found out!
Go on and abandon us like Daichi did!
The story of a long, long battle.
Just leave those shelves to me!
Now… I can finally be free of this.

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