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Ending lineAnime
She said she wanted to be a photographer. I don’t know what happened to her after that.
We’ll go on… granting the wishes of those flowers forever.
Huh? It’s working.
Did you fall asleep? Angelica.
Welcome to Ikebukuro.
My name is *part of anime title*. I'm a traveler from Tortalia.
Lots more happened to me, but… --You might not be here for long, but enjoy yourself!-- But that’s another story.
Ending lineAnime
I can easily take this story to somebody else you know.
Isn’t this dog scary? Thanks for saving *anime title*.
The fifteen of us gathered together. And then…
Shall I keep thinking about what to do?
But you… all of you took back something that was very precious. Never forget that.
He and the mountain have changed a lot. Don’t you think so, ex-guardian?
I’m here, so I’ll be with you forever.

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