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Forced Order
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TM'sName of moveEffect
01Focuses power at the beginning of the turn to attack at the end, but the user flinches if attacked beforehand.
02No effect
03May confuse the foe.
04Increases Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense.
05Causes foe to switch with another member of his or her party.
06Badly poisons the foe. Each turn, the poison causes more damage.
07Weather condition changes to hail. Increases power of ice type moves and damages non-ice type pokemon.
08Increases Attack and Defense.
09Shoots 2 to 5 seeds in succession.
10Type and power depends on the user.
11Weather becomes sunny for 5 turns. Increases power of fire type moves and allows for quick use of solarbeam.
12Makes foe use attacking move.
13Chance of freezing the foe.
14Chance of freezing the foe.
15Powerful attack, but user must recharge the next turn.
16Creates barrier that increases Sp. Defense.
17Prevents user from being hit by an attack, but it may fail if used in succession.
18Weather becomes raining for 5 turns. Water type moves are intensified, and Thunder will always hit.
19Drains HP from foe, and user absorbs 1/2 of the damage caused.
20Protects against status problems.
21Deals more damage if the user is not friendly with the trainer.
22Charges up the first turn, and attacks on the next turn.
23May lower foe's defense.
24May paralyze the foe.
25May paralyze the foe.
26Attacks all other pokemon in the battle, and deals 2x the damage to pokemon using dig.
27Deals more damage if the user is friendly with the trainer.
28Digs underground the first turn, and attacks the next turn. Allows player to escape from caves.
29May lower foe's special defense.
30May lower foe's special defense.
31Breaks through Reflect and Light Screen.
32Increases evasiveness.
33Creates barrier that increases defense.
34Never misses.
TM'sName of moveEffect
35May burn the foe.
36May poison the foe.
37Creates a sandstorm. Damages all pokemon that aren't steel, rock, or ground type.
38May burn the foe.
39May lower foe's speed.
40Never misses.
41Prevents foe from using the same move two turns in a row
42Deals more damage if poisoned, paralyzed, or burned.
43Effect depends on surrounding area.
44Restores HP and status, but user sleeps for two turns.
45Causes enemies of the opposite gender to attack less.
46Steals foe's held item.
47May increase user's defense.
48Swaps ability with the foe.
49Steals the effects of the foe's healing moves.
50Sharply decreases user's Sp. Attack.
51Restores 1/2 of max HP and flying-type pokemon are susceptible to ground type moves.
52May lower foe's Sp. Defense.
53May lower foe's Sp. Defense.
54Always leaves the foe with 1 HP left.
55Damage is doubled if foe has less than 1/2 of HP left.
56Throws held item at the foe. Item determines power and effect.
57May raise user's Sp. Attack.
58Leaves user with 1 HP even if the user would be defeated by an attack during that turn.
59No effect.
60Steals 1/2 of damage dealt to the foe.
61Burns the foe.
62May raise all of the user's stats.
63Prevents foe from using items.
64Causes a huge amount of damage, but the user faints.
65High critical hit ratio.
66If opponent goes first, then the power is doubled.
67Reuses last held item.
68User must rest on the next turn.
TM'sName of moveEffect
69Sharply raises speed.
70Lowers the foe's accuracy. Lights up dark caverns.
71High critical hit ratio.
72Doubles the damage if the user has already been attacked.
73Paralyzes the foe.
74The slower the user, the stronger the damage.
75Sharply increases attack.
76Creates a barrier around the enemy that damages the opponent whenever they switch out.
77Copies the foe's stat changes.
78Sharply lowers the foe's Sp. Attack if they are of the opposite gender.
79May cause foe to flinch.
80May cause foe to flinch.
81No effect.
82Allows user to attack while asleep.
83The power, type, and effect depends on berry held.
84May poison the foe.
85User steals 1/2 of damage done to restore their health.
86The heavier the opponent, the more damage this attack will do.
87Sharply raises the foe's Attack, but confuses them as well.
88Steals the effects of the foe's held berry.
89After attacking, the user goes back into the party and switches with another member of the party.
90Uses 1/4 of your maximum HP to create a scapegoat that takes damage.
91May lower the foe's Sp. Defense.
92Alters the battle field so that slower pokemon go first.
HM01No battle effect. Cuts down trees outside of battle.
HM02User flies up on first turn, then attacks on the second. Allows player to fly to any previously visited city or town.
HM03Attacks all other pokemon on the field, including allies. Allows the player to travel across water.
HM04No Battle effect. Allows the player to move large rocks back and forth.
HM05(DPPt)Cuts the foe's evasiveness. Clears out fog outside of battle.
HM05(HGSS)Creates a whirlpool around the foe that damages the foe at the end of each turn. Allows user to travell across whirlpools.
HM06May lower foe's Defense. Breaks rocks outside of the battle.
HM07May cause the foe to flinch. Allows the player to scale large waterfalls.
HM08May confuse the foe. Allows the player to scale rocky cliffs.

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