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Can you name the new abilities created for Pokemon B&W versions?

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First LetterName of AbilityEffect
AAttack becomes more powerful if the user moves last.
BDefense stat cannot be lowered.
CStat changes are reversed.
CWhen hit with a physical attack, this causes the attacker to lose use of that move.
DAttack and Special Attack drop when less than 1/2 of HP remains.
DAttack goes up when other stats are lowered.
FSpecial Attack goes up when Burned.
FDamage from allies is reduced.
HBerries can be reused infinitely within a battle.
HSometimes cures the status condition of an ally.
HUser's weight is doubled.
ITakes on the appearance of the next pokemon in line on the user's side.
ITransforms into the pokemon in front of you.
ISlips through barriers like Light Screen and Reflect to cause damage.
IInflicts damage when the opponent makes physical contact.
JAttack increases when hit by a Dark type move.
LUser's weight is halved.
MStatus moves are reflected back.
MRandomly raises one stat while lowering another.
MAttack is raised when an opponent is defeated.
MReceive less damage when HP is full.
First LetterName of AbilityEffect
MWhen opponent makes physical contact, their ability becomes this one.
OTakes no damage from weather effects.
PUser steals hold item from attacking opponent.
PContact may cause Poison.
PAlways goes first when using non-damaging moves.
RSpeed is increased when hit by a bug, dark, or ghost type move.
RHP is restored when the user switches out.
SRaises power of certain moves in a sandstorm.
SSpeed is raised during a Sandstorm.
SAttack is increased when hit by Grass type moves.
SMoves are boosted in power, but lose secondary effects.
TUnaffected by ally's attacks.
TMoves can hit regardless of abilities that neutralize them.
TAttack gets increased when Poisoned.
TMoves can hit regardless of abilities that neutralize them.
UPrevents the use of a held berry by the opponent.
VAccuracy of user and allies is raised.
WLowers defense and increases speed when hit with a physical attack.
WLess susceptible to status changes.
ZAfter 1/2 of health remains, this will cause the opponent to change form.

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