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I have played whole career in one club (1985-2009) and I was a club captain since 1997.
As a manager, I have won two Champions League titles with different clubs, one in 1997 and one in 2001.
I have won Champions League with three different clubs
Only goalkeeper with four CL titles
Only outfield played to play in five World Cups
Most European Cup titles, six
Wore Manchester United's number 7 between 1963-1974
Liverpool's gr8 8, current captain
Number 9 in my first season with Real Madrid, later 7 when Raúl left the club
Juventus all time top scorer and apps leader. 10 not retired by the club, succeded by Tevez
11, played for Chelsea 2004-2012
I am one of the greatest, but I conceded 4 goals in Euro '12 final
Was injured during '13 CL final, my team played against my future team
Scored first goal in '14 CL final
Juventus player called 'Atomic ant' . Loaned to Parma in 2011/12 season. Scored 15 Serie A goals
16 titles with Real Madrid, apps and goalscoring leader
Irish. 17 titles with Manchester United.
Right back. 18 titles with Bayern as of 2014.
19 goals for Inter. Over 60 yellow and 25 red cards in career. Recieved headbutt from Zidane.
Scored at least one goal in 20 consecutive Serie A seasons. Played 19 years for Milan (1960-1979).
Number 21. Free kick specialist. 10 years for Milan, then 3 titles with Juve.
Ballon d'Or in 2007. Wore number 22 in Milan.
Chelsea player. Scored 23 goals on loans for WBA and Everton
Italian. Played for Atlético Madrid in 1997/98. 24 games, 24 goals.
25 total club goals in England and Scotland. Best known for finishing the game in blood-red England shirt (white one) due to deep forehead cut.
Goalkeeper. After his first season for Barcelona, he never had less than 26 La Liga appearances.
Retired in 2007 at the age of 27 due to injuries and depression. Spent last five seasons with Bayern.
Werder sold him to Juventus where he wore number 28 shirt. Brazilian.
Born on 29th November 1973. 963 apps for Manchester United. Welsh.
Barca in La Liga 2008/09: Henry scored 19, Messi scored 23, I scored 30 !
Scored 31 goals in Premier League. Missed first 5 games for biting Branislav Ivanović.
Played two seasons for Barcelona. Scored 32 goals and was CL runner up in his first.
Only 33 La Liga goals. Plays as midfielder and sometimes as forward. Spent 12 seasons in Barcelona.
Italy's manager in '34 WC. Also led the team to victory in the next tournament.
Portugese goalkeeper. 35 trophies, 30 with Porto + 5 with Barcelona
Died at the age of 36 in a car explosion, year after retirement. Played 14 years for Juventus as sweeper.
Brought from Everton to Manchester United for 37M € in 2004. He was 18 years old.
Goalkeeper. Finished the match including extra time with a broken arm in '38 WC. Conceded one goal before injury.
Scored a total of 39 goals for West Ham before joining Chelsea and becoming their all time top scorer.
Scored 40 Serie A goals for Juventus. Czech.
41 goals for Inter. Known as Deki.
Mr. Runner up. Scored 42 goals for Germany.
Played 43 games in a season for Suttgart before returning to Arsenal to end his goalkeeping career.
Played 44 games in a season for Karlsruher SC before joining Bayern where he spent 14 seasons as a goalkeeper
Welsh, scored 45 goals for Liverpool in Premier League, 346 total.
Scored 46 goals for Leicester before joining Liverpool in 1999. Played as forward with Owen.
47 caps for Spain. Later succesful as a manager of Barcelona and Bayern. Known as Pep
Valencia sold him to Lazio for 48M €
49 goals for Real Madrid in three seasons. Croatian forward.
Scored 50 La Liga goals in 2011/12 season
51 goals. 35 for Sociedad, Liverpool and Real Madrid + 16 for Spain. Midfielder. Active.
52 goals in Serie A for Lazio and Juventus. Chile.
Conceded 53 goals in his last two seasons for Milan. Brazilian goalkeeper.
Scored second goal for Hungary in '54 WC final.
55 games for Monaco before joinig Liverpool. Norway.
Scored first goal for Real Madrid in first European Cup final in 1956. Played for Argentina, Spain and Colombia.
57 goals in all competitions for Chelsea. Plays as central defender.
Scored one goal for Brazil in '58 WC final. Won all Brazil's 5 World Cups. 2 as player, 1 as a manager and 2 as assistant
Managed Mancheste United for 25 years. Won 38 trophies with the club. Win percentage: 59,67 %
Scored four goals in '60 Euro Cup final
61 record assists for PSG. Yugoslavian. Known as Pape.
Replaced injured Pelé in '62 WC and led Brazil to win.
Scored only goal for Benfica in '63 European Cup final. Club's all time top scorer.
Scored two goals for Internazionale in '64 European Cup final.
Transfered from Napoli to PSG for 65M €. Uruguay.
England captain in '66 WC winning team. Spent most of his career in West Ham.
Goalkeeper. Scored 67 goals in his career. Later surpassed by Rogério Ceni.
68 goals for West Germany in 62 games
Transfered from Inter to Barcelona for 69M €. Played for Italian big 3.
Captain for Italy in '70 WC. Left back for Inter.
Ajax captain in their first CL title (1971). Yugoslavian.
72 goals for Porto, sold to Atlético Madrid for 40M €
Only non-Italian (but later played for Italy) player for Juventus in '73 CL final. Brazilian.
Secured replay for Bayern by scoring long range goal in 120th minute of '74 EC final
Born in 1975. Came as a substitute for Heskey in '01 UEFA Cup final. Scored 8 minutes later.
Scored a famous penalty for Czechoslovakia to win '76 Euro
Only Senegal player in FIFA 100. Scored a total of 77 goals for clubs
Dutch, scored 78 Bundesliga goals for Bayern in 4 seasons
Born in 1979. Part of Liverpool's duo with Heskey
Italian. Scored a total of 80 goals for Chelsea.
Managed Real Madrid in '81 EC final. Later runner up with Sampdoria. Yugoslavian.
Hat trick against Brazil in '82 WC
83 caps for Ivory Coast. Plays for Manchester City
Liverpool goalkeeper in '84 CL final. Zimbabwe.
Scored only goal in '85 EC final from penalty.
'Hand of God' goal in 1986 World Cup
Only non-German player to start for Bayern in '87 CL final. Goalkeeper.
Managed PSV to CL title in '88
Only player to recieve a card (it was yellow) in '89 EC final. Won 18 titles with Milan as a captain. Number 6 retired by the club.
'90 WC top scorer with 6 goals. Known as Totò.
Played '91 EC final for Marseille. One of five players to be awarded the title 'Star of the Red Star' . Known as Piksi.
Won his third Ballon d'Or in 1992.
Played '93 CL final for runner up, left winner in the beginning of the season
Missed penalty that ended '94 World Cup
Scored only goal in '95 CL, came as a substitute for Litmanen
Scored winning penalty for Juve to win CL in '96
I came as a substitute in '97 CL final and scored in the same minute, also yellow card
I scored two goals for France in '98 WC final
I scored the winning goal for Manchester United in '99 CL final against Bayern
By most people I am greatest footballer ever. I selected players for FIFA 100

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