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QUIZ: Can you name the Most appearances on MST3K?

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Director (all 6)
Artist, Harry, Landis, KGB Driver/Helpful Neighbor
Sheriff Townsend, Manny, Sheriff Jones
Lobo, Lobo. Joseph Javorsky/Beast
Paul Whitley, Dr. Paul Nelson, Dr. Edward Wainwright,
Director (all 3)
Dr. Lorenz, Dr. Alex Zorka, Dr. Eric Vornoff
Robert Phillips, Dr. Jud Bellamin, Austin Welles
Carol Flynn, Asmild, Betty Scott
Claire Anderson, Vera, Rose Hood
director, director/Griffin, director
Lieutenant George Lee 'Phones' Sheridan, Dan Kester, Mr. Keitel
(title character), Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III
Flight Commander Elijah Kalgan, (title character)
Dr. Kolos, (title character)
Joel, The Man/(title character)
Don Pringle, Mike
Angel of Death, Cyborg Master
Prossor , Dr. Kobras
Jim Flanagan, Dr. J.R. Vance
Mike Farrell, Xenos
Dr. Charles Conway, Mr. Wilson
Director (all 2)

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