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When taking suggestions for band names, already hard of hearing, they kept repeating these words.
Was told they would go over like this; misspelled to prevent Americans mispronouce the name.
Named after strange unidentified flying object pilots sometimes saw.
A member saw is on a sewing machine.
Named after a medieval torture device.
Named after a military term for one million deaths.
Originally called 'Skip Rope' but the lead singer thought this name sounded more professional.
Police code for indecent exposure, for which the lead singer was charged with.
Named for the beehive hairdos that were popular in the 1950's.
Three of the band members parents were born as refugees.
Named after two school friends' nicknames; one had owl-like eyes, the other had puffed-out cheeks
Name chosen to sound dangerous and sexy at the same time; they deny any satanic meaning.
Name after an S&M magazine a band member found on a sidewalk in New York.
Friends and relatives of this band thought their first demo was too loud and this word.
Named after a brand of 190 proof alcohol brand.
A slang term for unemployed hippies.
A term used to refer to a day spent smoking pot and goofing around.

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