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EpisodeVillainHint (if multiple Villains)
RoseControlled Plastic
RoseLiving Plastic
The End of the WorldOnly Villain
The Unquiet Dead Only Villain
Aliens of London/WW3 Only Villain
DalekOnly Villain
The Long GameMastermind- Needs to keep cool
The Long GameHuman Minion
Father's DayOnly Villain
The Empty Child/The Doctor DancesOnly Villain
Boom TownOnly Villain
Bad Wolf/The Parting of the WaysOnly Villain
New EarthLast Human
New EarthNuns
New EarthThe Nun's secret
Tooth and ClawConnected with the moon
Tooth and ClawMen of God
School ReunionOnly Villain
The Girl in the FireplaceOnly Villain
Rise of the Cybermen/Age of SteelEmotionless, Uniform and Elegant
Rise of the Cybermen/Age of SteelEvil Scientist
The Idiot's LanternOnly Villain
The Impossible Planet/The Satan PitBasic Slave Race
The Impossible Planet/The Satan PitCreature of many names
Love and MonstersOnly Villain
Fear HerLive together
Fear HerKept in a wardrobe
Army of Ghosts/DoomsdayEmotionless, Uniform and Elegant
Army of Ghosts/DoomsdayThe Doctor's oldest enemy
Smith and JonesOut of space police
Smith and JonesDrinks blood through a straw
The Shakespeare CodeOnly Villain
GridlockOnly Villain
Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the DaleksThe Doctor's oldest enemy
Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the DaleksLow Intelligence and short lifespan
The Lazarus ExperimentOnly Villain
42Only Villain
Human Nature/The Family of BloodFormless with short lives
Human Nature/The Family of BloodArmy of Straw
EpisodeVillainHint (if multiple Villains)
BlinkOnly Villain
UtopiaOnly Villain
Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the TimelordsOnly Villain
Sound of Drums/Last of the TimelordsOnly Villain
Partners in CrimeOnly Villain
Fires of PompeiiMolten Creatures
Fires of PompeiiWomen of prophecy
Planet of the OodBasic Slave Race
Planet of the OodThe real monsters
Planet of the OodHead of Ood Operations
The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison SkyClone race
The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison SkyYoung genius
The Doctor's DaughterFish like humanoids
The Doctor's Daughterthe real monsters
The Unicorn and the WaspOnly Villain
Silence in the Library/Forest of the DeadOnly Villain
MidnightOnly Villain
Turn LeftOnly Villain
The Stolen Earth/Journey's EndThe Doctor's oldest enemy
The Stolen Earth/Journey's EndMad scientist with a metal hand
The Eleventh HourSnake like
The Eleventh HourPolice force
The Beast BelowKept in booths
The Beast BelowAnswer to the highest authority
Victory of the DaleksOnly Villain
Time of Angels/Flesh and StoneOnly Villain
Vampires of VeniceOnly Villain
Amy's ChoiceDoesn't have a blood supply or real face
Amy's ChoiceProud Warrior race
The Hungry Earth/Cold BloodOnly Villain
Vincent and the DoctorOnly Villain
The LodgerOnly Villain
The Pandorica OpensUnlikely team
The Pandorica OpensOrganisation to defeat the Dcotor
The Pandorica Opens/The Big BangOnly Villain
The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the MoonOnly Villain
The Curse of the Black SpotOnly Villain
The Doctor's WifeOnly Villain
The Rebel Flesh/The Almost PeopleArtificial life
EpisodeVillainHint (if multiple Villains)
The Rebel Flesh/The Almost PeopleThe real monsters
A Good Man Goes to WarOnly Villain
Let's Kill HitlerHello Sweetie
Let's Kill HitlerRobots that destroy intruders
Night TerrorsOnly Villain
The Girl Who WaitedThe Girl who waited
The Girl Who WaitedSee through their hands
The God ComplexOnly Villain
Closing TimeEmotionless, Uniform and Elegant
Closing TimeSmall robots the size of a rat
The Wedding of River SongOnly Villain
Asylum of the DaleksOnly Villain
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipCollector
Dinosaurs on a SpaceshipRoamed Earth until an asteroid hit
A Town Called MercyWartime experiment
A Town Called MercyGreat scientific mind
The Power of ThreePest controllers of the universe
The Power of ThreeStrange mouths
The Angels Take ManhattanOnly Villain
The Christmas InvasionThey rock
The Christmas InvasionJingle bells
The Runaway BrideAncient race that built the Earth
The Runaway BrideJingle bells
The Runaway BrideDonna's would-be husband
Voyage of the DamnedGolden Robots
Voyage of the DamnedSecretly a cyborg
The Next DoctorEmotionless, Uniform and Elegant
The Next DoctorPrimitive cyber creatures
The Next DoctorA cold woman
The Next DoctorCaused mayhem in 1851 London
Planet of the DeadOnly Villain
Waters of MarsOnly Villain
The End of Time Part 1/2The Doctor's rival
The End of time Part 1/2Locked in war
A Christmas CarolHeartless old man
A Christmas CarolFlying sea creature
The Doctor The Widow and the WardrobeOnly Villain

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