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'Cheers Love!'
'Get over here!'
'Terrorists Win'
'Who's that girl next door next door living in the haunted mansion?'
'You think payback makes you a noble man, is that a fact?'
A big hand plays with trophies
A Fox, a bird, a toad and a hare walk into a bar...
A red and blue team fight over a briefcase
A sack goes on adventures
A wolf solves crimes with fairy tail characters
Based on the 1995 bond movie
Best game of Action 52
Boy flies on bird to fight Demise
Boy goes through field to become a man
Boy who can see the future fights robots
Boy with key tries to stop war
Breaking a tree with your fists
Child does tasks for small village
Child enslaves monsters
Child squids shooting each other
Child tries to not get killed by his mother
Clay men fight monkeys
Crazy clown driving in an ice cream truck
Dabbing Thanos
Defending a base against barbarians and archers
Descendant of english sea captain finds treasure
Dog learns to paint
Driving cool cars while getting in trouble
Evil pig causes end of the world
Experienced martial artist fights dictator
Female Bounty Hunter fighting aliens
Female witch wears hair clothing
Fighting an eyeball and a wall of flesh
Fighting crime in the wild west
Finding a red room on the deep web
Follow me, set me free. Trust me and we will escape from the city
Four Amphibians
Four heroes search for a vault
Four knights save some princesses
Girl goes through underground facility to find cake
God fighting Gods
Group find time traveler and fight zombies
Guy helps friend who gets turned into ottsel (Otter + Weasel)
Guy throws water at things and fights vampires
Guy with crowbar takes on bad soldiers
Heavily armored human with drill protects little girls
He needs to find his cape, his mask, and his lunchbox
Heroes go through labyrinths to fight the lord of terror
High school student puts on a mask to become cooler
Hitting a ball back and forth
Human simulation
Human spectre tries to protect the milky way
In a ship, you defend against aliens
In the year 2019, guy gets sent to mars and fights demonic enemies
In the year 2633, two commandos specialized in guerrilla warfare go to an island to defeat enemy forces
Joining a writing club is a bad idea
Lawyer helps childhood friend in court
Lombax and a Robot
Man stuck in pot tries to climb mountain with a sledgehammer
Matching Sweets
Mercenary fights guy with really long sword
Mystical sword is taken by a pirate
Nine people solve math to open doors
Panther wants a squirrel to 'fix' his table
Penn & Teller's worst game
Photographer fights a clown holding two chainsaws
Pink blob eats everything
Plumber and brother goes to hotel
Plumber builds his own levels
Plumber goes on vacation
Plumber plays minigames
Police officer guards presidents daughter
Protagonist dies, but time travel saves his life
Rolling a ball to make stars
Sheep thing solves puzzles
Short guy fights Super Macho Man
Soldiers fighting Nazi Zombies
Son tries to beat father in martial arts tournament
Space man befriends plants
Stacking Blocks
Stars a pink haired girl with a huge axe
Stealthing around in historical times
Students try to kill each other
Super fighting robot!
Three gangs fight, and a guy gets caught in the crossfire
Two boys make a deal with the devil to steal souls
Two factions fight on two large continents
Two monkeys team up
When a kid falls into the underground and befriends monsters
When an evil zombie attacks your garden
Where you can play TTT
Witch steals a bear's sister
Woman finds three artifacts across the globe
Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fletching & Construction
Yellow ball eats smaller yellow balls
You're Winner
You almost get beheaded but a dragon saves you
You get to play as Abe Lincoln and Ghandi
You play as a goat

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