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'Come on gang, we got a mystery to solve!'
'So, what's the sitch?'
'That's all folks!'
4 year old boy is fascinated by the world
11 year old writes in journal his concerns about making friends
22 Campers
A 14 year old african-american girl has problems with her over-protective dad
a charismatic cat in a pork pie hat
After surfing the internet and zapped to cyberspace, he became _________
A large dog learns good lessons
Alien and robot assistant try to take over Earth
American Mythical Beast
An aardvark is educated in a suburb
An alien device attached to his wrist
A scientist and his two cloned children are protected by a bodyguard
Bears who like stacking themselves
Blue cat and a goldfish
Boy and his drunk grandpa travel through space
Boy and Man live in a whale
Boy attempts to save girl trapped in a supercomputer
Boy Genius. Stupid Sister.
Boy visits his friend at an adoption house
Buff guy with a black shirt and sunglasses
Bunny and Dog get stranded
Cat & Mouse
Cat-Bear-Rabbit learns how to cook
Caveman dads
Chineese cats learn life values
Chipmunk in a fedora
Christopher Robin meets friends
Clones fighting Clones
Creatures who learn to scare humans
Dad likes donuts
Dick Dastardly & Muttley's origination story
Dog helps old people against monsters
Dog superhero that fights a mad scientist. his secret identity is _______
Dog superhero that is friends with Scooby Doo. His secret identity is _____, dog wonder!
Dog that knows Kung-Fu, his secret identity is ________
Emotionally unstable chihuahua yells at cat
Fighting crime vs. clowns, cats and crocodiles.
Five children take on adults
Football head in Hillwood
Four girls train to become huntresses and fight dark creatures
Four Kids, including an anti-semantic & a Jew
Four reptiles trained by a rat
Fruit and a vegetable teach about God
Fruit and a vegetable visit a city
Gem Fusion
Ghost teen fights ghosts
Girl protects the balance of the Human and Magic worlds
Girl tries to not be a social geek
Guy gets frozen and meets a female cyclops
Gynoid goes through school
He needs to get back to the past
Human and Dog go on quests
Human going to an animal school
Jane his wife
Jazz teacher solves problems with music
Kid finds magical world drawn by chalk
Kids skateboarding
Kid who controls electricity and magnetism
Likes picnic baskets
Little blue dudes
Magical horse learns about making friends
Magical Princess sets fire to her castle
Miserable kids get wishes
Momma had a ______, Papa had a ___
Monkey goes camping
Monks collecting powerful artifacts
Narcissistic secret agent working for ISIS
Nautical Nonsense
Nomadic family do wildlife studying
Park managed by a gumball machine
Prince Adam defends his realm from evil skeleton man
Robots that can turn into vehicles
Rubbing the head of a Whiffle Hen (or Spinach if you prefer)
Sam, Alex and Clover live a double life
Six kids in school find its run by a monarch
Spanish girl asks kids for help
Squirrel + Moose vs. Russian spies
Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice
Superheroes that live in a T
Takes place in the 24 1/2 century
Teenage delinquents who like heavy metal
The class went to pluto
Three friends try to scam other kids
Three luchadors go on adventures
Toddler Imaginations
Triangle demon wants access to the real world
Trying to spend summer vacation in style
Two animals conjoined
Two beavers leave home to become bachelors in a forest
Two black kids. One intelligent, the other rebellious
Two not-so intelligent dogs, one small and one large.
Two kids beat a skeleton at limbo
Two kids find dragon scales
Two mice. One is very smart.
Wallaby living in a town of O's
Warner Brother Siblings

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