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Can you name all the verbs that mean 'to end someone's employment'?

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Tin man
Soda or Soup
This is who you pay at the store
Sounds clerical
You do this to a witness
Sort of like unclicking a check box
Sounds military
To take away a job
This one sounds clerical too
From the classroom?
This is what happens to water when you sit in the bath tub
This is not a place to buy milkshakes
When you want a gift, this is what you do with a hint
Light one with care
This is what happens to flight attendants when airlines are suffering
2 weeks and you're out
These boots are made for
Never heard of this either - open this to enter the garden
Sounds similar to 7 Dwarves song
Tell someone in advance
You do this to a President
When you don't want someone in your club anymore
Almost like the Frozen Song
Sounds like it hurts
A shade of red
This is what you do with the clean dishes
Don't use this product anymore; remember
A new software ____
This is the word you use when you quit working forever
Do this to the QB
Go put your things in a box and leave
You do this to a book
When you want your date to leave
This sounds temporary
Look in the other direction
Another clerical goodbye
Take someone's chair from them
Clean it
Like a raquet to a ball

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