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Barack Obama used the Lincoln Bible for his oaths in 2009 and 2013, and in 2013 he also used a Bible that belonged to what civil rights activist and Baptist Minister?Martin Luther King, Jr.
The only inauguration element mandated by the US Constitution is that the president makes a what before that person can 'Enter on the Execution' of the office?Oath or Affirmation
During his inaugural address, what president said, 'Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself'?Franklin D. Roosevelt
The first inaugural address streamed live on the Internet was for what president's second ceremony?Bill Clinton
Referring to Watergate, what president said, 'Our long national nightmare is over'?Gerald Ford
What president holds the record for the longest inaugural speech (clocked at about an hour and 45 minutes), but also holds the record for the shortest term in office (32 days)?William H. Harrison
At the inauguration of what president in 1865 did African-Americans first participate in the Inaugural Parade?Abraham Lincoln
The first televised (black and white) inaugural ceremony took place for what president in 1949?Harry S. Truman
What things does the president swear or affirm to do to the US Constitution? (Name one)Preserve, Protect, and Defend
Who usually administers the oath of office?Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
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Section 1 of what Amendment of the US Constitution states that the terms of the president and vice president shall end at noon on January 20th?20th Amendment
What bulletproof thing was first used at the 1965 inauguration of Lyndon B. Johnson?Limousine
Calvin Coolidge's oath in 1925 was administered by what former president?William H. Taft
Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington, DC, after it became the nation's lasting capital in what year?1801
What president's inauguration was the first to be recorded by a motion picture camera in 1901?William McKinley
Following the morning worship service, and sometimes a brief reception at the White House with the outgoing president, the Procession to what building occurs?Capitol
In 1857, the inauguration of what president was the first known inauguration to have been photographed?James Buchanan
What president supposedly added the phrase 'so help me God' to the end of the presidential oath of office?George Washington
What poet recited his poem 'The Gift Outright' at John F. Kennedy's inauguration?Robert Frost
What group of people first participated in the Inaugural Parade in 1917 at Woodrow Wilson's second inauguration?Women

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