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Can you define each statement as true for the United Kingdom, Vatican City, or Both?

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StatementVatican City (V), UK (U), or both (B)?
Came into existence in 1929.
Is a Monarchy.
Is named after a deity responsible for a newborn's first cries.
Member of the United Nations.
Part of the European Union.
The monarch is also ruler of (or rules the location through) a distinct legal entity.
Euro is the official currency.
The capital is capital to two countries.
The capital is a city-state.
The monarch is the ruler of a Christian denomination.
The monarch, provided with a list of 2 nominees by the Prime Minister, selects the head of a Christian denomination.
The legal entity that rules the country also rules land elsewhere.
There are no passport controls for visitors entering the country.
The monarch exercises principal legislative, executive, and judicial power.
One of the monarch's titles is 'Defender of the Faith'.
One of the monarch's titles is 'Servant of the servants of God'.

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