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In the Three's _______ episode 'Opening Night,' Larry Dallas invites his family, visiting from Greece, to Jacks Bistro. Reluctant at first, Jack joins them in breaking plates.
In an episode of The Love ____, Gopher initiates a plate smashing at a Greek restaurant.
In the Full _____ episode 'Greek Week', while at a Greek family party, Joey Gladstone leads the crowds in plate smashing while Danny Tanner tries to clean the plates off the floor.
In the _______ episode 'Beware of Greeks,' (March 17, 1998), Mr. Crane's Greek cousin is getting married and his cousin's mother smashes plates at the wedding reception.
In Ned's Declassified School ________ Guide, episode of November 12, 2005, Coconut Head smashes a plate on his head for his presentation on Greece.
The 2009 Australian stop motion animated dark comedy film Mary and ___ features a plate smashing scene.
In a Packed to the _______ episode of 2011, Nick 'Carbo' Karandonis and his fiancée have an engagement party which includes smashing plaster and (accidentally) porcelain plates.
In a Come ____ with Me Canada episode, the evening ended with plate smashing 'in keeping with the Greek ritual.'
In Kitchen _______, Australian Senator Nick Xenophon and host Annabel Crabb end a dinner discussion at a Greek 'yiros' restaurant with an impromptu plate smashing.

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