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Can you name the streets of Manhattan NYC that are named after people?

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The youngest person to command a Navy ship in the War of 1812.
Wife of developer and merchant Capt. Thomas White.
Wealthy German-American business family.
Artist of a Trinity Church engraving.
First name also appears in this list.
Paul Bache, the son-in-law of Anthony Lispenard.
Probably after the family with that name, near Inwood Hill Park.
Treasurer of the Dutch West India Company, Mayor of NYC, Governor of Delaware and Pennsylvania.
Co-founder of the NY Orphan Asylum.
Lawyer, poet and friend of Washington Irving and William Cullen Bryant.
Dutch-American family; known for a clergyman and cast-iron buildings.
An early city alderman and lieutenant governor of NYC in 1804. It was the proposed route for the Lower Manhattan Expressway.
The first American canonized as a Roman Catholic saint, she founded 67 institutions.
Mr. __ Amos was a landowner.
President of the NY Medical Society; longest unbroken row of Federal and early Greek Revival homes.
The middle name of landowner Mr. Amos.
A colonel in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.
Italian Explorer who is celebrated in October.
Family of landowners; a subway stop name.
A Chinese-American U.S. Army soldier who served in Afghanistan.
Owned a farm located in what is now the Lower East Side.
Harlem street named after a police officer killed by friendly fire in 2009.
Dutch emigrant who operated a distillery where the post office now is sited.
The daughter of Nicholas Bayard and Elizabeth Rynders.
War of 1812 Lt. Col; “Chinatown buses” start their East Coast routes here.
Steamboat Inventor. Former fishmarket location.
Sidney Howard ___, movie A Night to Remember.
Part of West 45th St northwest of Times Square between 7th and 8th Avenues is named for a Broadway producer and director (Damn Yankees etc).
In 1990 a segment of W 63rd St was renamed after the founder of the New-York City Ballet.
'The Father of The New York Bar'.
American Revolutionary War hero.
Mr. __ Rutgers was an American Revolutionary War hero.
It is a center for Ashkenazi Jewish immigrant culture.
Mr. ___ Gates was an American Revolutionary War hero of the Battle of Saratoga.
Served Georgia as a delegate to the Continental Congress and to the US Constitutional Convention in 1787.
Author of 'History of New York' and 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'.
Sounds like a female's name but it is a man's last name.
3rd US President.
ABC News anchor; part of 66th Street.
Part of Saint Nicholas Ave; founding father of the Dominican Republic.
Mayor of NYC; also an airport.
Philanthropist; collector of paintings and books.
A shipping company and War of 1812 blockade-runner.
War of 1812 naval hero who is buried in the graveyard of Trinity Church.
Revolutionary War hero, president of the first bank in NY state, and NY State Senator.
4th US President.
Scotish-American Revolutionary War figure and physician.
el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz was a human rights activist.
5th US President.
19th century militia commander, Freemason, and Grand Master of Grand Lodge of NY.
William I, Prince of Orange; King William III of England.
Naval hero of the War of 1812.
Revolutionary War-era publisher.
American Revolutionary War hero; also a NJ University.
Aka 8th Street.
Patron saint of New Amsterdam since Dutch times.
Last governor of New Netherland.
Revolutionary War General; Continental Congress Delegate, Governor of New Hampshire and a US federal judge.
Revolutionary War Brigadier General who served in New York and Canada.
Prominent family of Dutch origin from the Gilded Age; Cornelius.
American Revolutionary War figure and NYC Mayor.
The first rector of Trinity Church in Manhattan.
Mr. __ Beekman was mayor of NYC for 9 terms.
First US President.
American Revolutionary War hero, home of Momofuku Milk Bar.
Hero of the 1848 Mexican War.
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