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Can you guess which John is being referred to in each statement: John the Apostle or John the Baptist?

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HintThe Apostle (A) or The Baptist (B)
Is 'a man sent from God' who 'was not the light', but 'came as a witness, to bear witness to the light, so that through him everyone might believe'
Wrote the Book of Revelation
During the persecutions under Emperor Domitian, he was exiled to Patmos
Anticipated a messianic figure greater than himself
The feast of his nativity is celebrated by many on June 24, six months before Christmas
His burial-place is traditionally said to be at the Nabi Yahya Mosque in Sebaste, in current Palestinian territories
His birth was foretold by the angel Gabriel to his father while he was performing his functions as a priest in the temple of Jerusalem
Witnessed the Transfiguration, and the Agony in Gethsemane
A major religious figure, a prophet, in Christianity, Islam, the Bahá'í Faith, and Mandaeism
Proclaimed baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sin, and said another will come after him who will not baptize with water, but with the Holy Spirit
Identified with the prophet Elijah
The Eastern Orthodox Church remembers Saint John the Forerunner on six separate feast days
Puerto Rico's motto 'John is his name' refers to him
His brother was James, who was one the Twelve Apostles
He is the miraculous son of Zechariah, an old man, and his wife Elizabeth, who was past childbearing age
The Gospel of Mark introduces him as a fulfilment of a prophecy from the Book of Isaiah (actually a conflation of texts from Isaiah, Malachi and Exodus)
The author of the Gospel of John
Was thrown into prison with Peter
Herod ordered his beheading
HintThe Apostle (A) or The Baptist (B)
Known as the prophet Yahya in the Quran
He was a messenger being sent ahead, and a voice crying out in the wilderness
Jesus sent him and Peter into the city to make the preparation for the final Passover meal (the Last Supper)
The Church Fathers considered him the same person as John the Evangelist, John of Patmos, John the Elder and the Beloved Disciple
He is said to have lived to an old age, dying at Ephesus sometime after AD 98
Witnessed the raising of the daughter of Jairus
Wrote the Three Epistles of John
The traditions of most Christian denominations hold that he is the author of several books of the New Testament
Along with Peter and James the Just, was referred to as 'pillars of the church'
He was with Peter at the healing of the lame man at Solomon's Porch in the Temple
Took Mary, the mother of Jesus, into his care
Wore clothes of camel's hair, and lived on locusts and wild honey
Jesus referred to him and his brother as 'Boanerges' (sons of thunder)
Matthew describes him as critical of Pharisees and Sadducees and as preaching 'the kingdom of heaven is at hand' and a 'coming judgment'
Son of Zebedee and Salome
On August 29, some celebrate his martyrdom
His Feast Day in the Roman Catholic Church is 27 December
He is a descendant of Aaron on both his father's and mother's side
He went with Peter to visit the newly converted believers in Samaria

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