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Can you guess the first or last name of each famous person whose last name is often a first name? The list is in alphabetical order.

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Celebrity HintNameRandom Hint
Baseball right fielderBiblical Priest
Basketball playerJapanese Steakhouse
Mystery AuthorThe Governor of NJ
Romancing the Stone Actor Gordon Gekko
Basketball player with a 'Dr.' title Caesar
Singer of 'Respect'FDR
Little House on the PrairieLaura
Splash ActressStrawberry
Actress in 'Crossing Delancey' Texas city
'River of Dreams' album creatorBiblical Prophet
Former Princess of MonacoDinner Prayer
Celebrity HintNameRandom Hint
Polo clothing brand makerBacall
Ghostbusters ActorAnne is a singer
Australian GolferRegular at Cheers bar
Shot LincolnCivil War General
90210 Actor Dylan McKay
Actor in 'An Early Frost'Medicine Woman
Baseball Player Candy BarNaomi's daughter-in-law
Singer of 'Rhythm of My Heart'It's a Wonderful Life
Supreme Court JudgeEnglish Muffins
Actor who piloted helicopter in 'Airwolf'Van Gogh
Die HardAlmighty

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