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Can you identify each character and movie as one that features Denzel Washington (D), Morgan Freeman (M), or Samuel L. Jackson (S)?

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Character and MovieDenzel (D), Morgan (M), or Samuel (S)?
Joe Miller - Philadelphia
Jules Winnfield - Pulp Fiction
Joyhn W. Creasy - Man on Fire
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter - The Hurricane
Fast Black - Street Smart
Joe Louis Clark - Lean On Me
Neville Flynn - Snakes on a Plane
Malcolm X - Malcolm X
Lucius Fox - The Batman Triology
Hoke Colburn - Driving Miss Daisy
Mr. Senor Love Daddy - Do the Right Thing
Ray Arnold - Jurassic Park
Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding - Shawshank Redemption
Pvt. Silas Trip - Glory
Ordell Robbie - Jackie Brown
Character and MovieDenzel (D), Morgan (M), or Samuel (S)?
Lieut. Danny Roman - The Negotiator
John Quincy Archibald - John Q
Frank Lucas - American Gangster
Coach Herman Boone - Remember the Titans
Det. Keith Frazer - Inside Man
Det. Lieut. William Somerset - Se7en
Sergeant Major Tom Rawlings - Glory
Zeus Carver - Die Hard With a Vengence
Nick Fury - Captain America II
Det. Alonzo Harris - Training Day
Nelson Mandela - Invictus
Elijah Price - Unbreakable
Eddie 'Scrap Iron' Dupree - Million Dollar Baby
Ned Logan - Unforgiven
Captain Whip Whitaker - Flight

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