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Can you attribute each fact to either Bermuda or The Bahamas?

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FactBermuda (U) or Bahamas (A)?
The capital city is Hamilton
Is near Sargasso Sea
Is an archipelagic state
Part of the Lucayan Archipelago
Names repeat: 3 Long Bays, 2 Horseshoe Bays, 2 roads called Khyber Pass, 2 St George's Towns
Is a British Overseas Territory
Was once known as 'the Gibraltar of the West'
Is on the same parallel as the Portuguese archipelago Madeira
Nassau is the capital
Is the 4th richest country in the Americas
Is divided into nine parishes
Other names include La Garza, Virgineola, and the Isle of Devils
Island that is closest to the US is Bimini
Largest island is Andros Island
Paradise Island, formerly known as Hog Island, features Atlantis Resort
Has more than 700 islands, cays, and islets

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