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Can you name the City of Heroes issue titles given their number and description?

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ReleasedTitleMajor Features
1: 2004-06-29Level cap 50; Peregrine Island added; Malta, Carnies added
2: 2004-09-16Badges, capes, auras added; respecs; Hollows, Eden, Shadow Shard; exemplaring
3: 2005-01-04Kheldians; Epic Power Pools; Striga Isle; zone events; global chat
4: 2005-05-04Arenas; coalitions
5: 2005-08-31Croatoa added; Archery and Sonic powersets
6: 2005-10-27City of Villains released; Enhancement Diversification; PVP zones; supergroup bases
7: 2006-06-06Villain level cap 50; Grandville, Recluse's Victory; mayhem missions
8: 2006-11-28Police band missions; Veteran rewards; Faultline revamp; safeguard missions
9: 2007-05-01Invention system; Wentworth's; Statesman's Task Force
10: 2007-07-24Rikti Crash Site converted to War Zone; Rikti invasions; Lady Grey's Task Force
ReleasedTitleMajor Features
11: 2007-11-28Ouroboros; Dual Blades and Willpower; supergroup member cap doubled
12: 2008-05-20Cimerora; Imperious's Task Force; Arachnos Widows and Soldiers; Hollows revamp
13: 2008-12-02Day jobs; Shield Defense and Pain Domination powersets; merit rewards; alternate builds
14: 2009-04-08Mission Architect; PvP invention sets
15: 2009-06-29Dr. Kahn's and Barracuda's Task Force; Dominator revamp
16: 2009-09-15Power customization; super sidekicking; enhanced difficulty settings; powerset proliferation
17: 2010-04-28Clone enemy system; Ultra Mode; Positron's Task Force revamped; e-mail attachments
18: 2010-08-17Going Rogue; Praetoria; alignment system; tip missions; side-switching
19: 2010-11-30*Incarnate system; Praetoria accessibility; merged transportation; Apex's and Tin Mage's Task Force

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