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RoleCharacter Name
The name of the young girl taken by Kim when her father becomes abusive.
The woman who is preparing to get married to Reza.
The woman in the government administration who learns of the nuclear attack, but is prevented from telling the president.
The villian from Day 1 who has information about the planned nuclear attack.
Head of CTU who gets radiation poisoning and heroically diverts the nuke into the desert.
Woman injured in the CTU explosion who is brought back to consciousness to give vital information.
The man who is appointed as the new head of CTU when the previous steps down.
The seventh Coral Snake soldier.
RoleCharacter Name
The middle-eastern intelligence agent who assissts Jack and Kate in recovering the audio chip.
The mysterious man behind the torturing of Jack.
The President's right-hand man who betrays him.
The Vice-President who invokes the 25th ammendment and removes David Palmer from office.
The man who forged the Cyprus audio recording.
The woman from Day 1 who Jack finds with him.
The man from Division who prevents the head of CTU and Michelle fro assisting Jack.
The villian from Day 1 who attempts to assassinate the President as the day ends.

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