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What is the name of the Main Character in Pokemon Generation 1??Name
Where is this character from??Town
What was the pokemon that was given to this character from Professor Oak??Pokemon
What type of Pokemon is this??Type
The main characters, main, pokemon doesn't evolve in the cartoon. What does the pokemon normally evolve into??Pokemon
There are three characters who are important in the story, What is there rival gang called??Dark Pokemon Collectors
Name their three pokemon...Poison
...2Grass/Posion (Snake like)
What are the Pokemon on the Pokedex number, 1??Pokedex
... 4?Pokedex
... 7?Pokedex
The first Gym Leader is called??'The Rock-Solid Pokémon Trainer'
The second Gym Leaders type of Pokemon is??Starmie
What is the last Pokemon on the Pokedex?151
What is the Pokemon that Ninetales evolves from??Fire Type
Eevee evolves into on of three Pokemon. Name them...1Water
Gloom evolves from what Pokemon??Grass Pokemon (A LEGEND)

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