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What city brings in the most annual revenue from gambling? (A) Atlantic City (B) Las Vegas (C) Macau (D) Monte Carlo
Which of the following casinos is not found at the intersection between Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana Ave? (A) MGM Grand (B) New York New York (C) Tropicana (D) Bellagio
Which of the following Atlantic City streets is not a Monopoly property? (A) Georgia Ave (B) Mediterranean Ave (C) New York Ave (D) North Carolina Ave
What city organizes a Formula One race every year, first held in 1929? (A) Atlantic City (B) Las Vegas (C) Macau (D) Monte Carlo
What is the official currency of Macau? (A) escudo (B) pataca (C) peseta (D) yuan
Which of the following casinos is actually located in the city of Las Vegas, as opposed to unincorporated Clark County? (A) Stratosphere (B) Harrah's (C) Flamingo (D) Circus Circus
Which of the following cities is Monte Carlo closest to? (A) Marseille (B) Cannes (C) Nice (D) Genoa
What California city is home to the Pechanga Resort and Casino? (A) Commerce (B) Stockton (C) Livermore (D) Temecula
Where was professional poker player Daniel Negreanu born? (A) Chicago (B) Las Vegas (C) Seattle (D) Toronto
Where is the Kentucky Derby held? (A) Louisville (B) Lexington (C) Bowling Green (D) Frankfort
Which city has a numerical estimation technique based on random sampling named after it? (A) Atlantic City (B) Las Vegas (C) Macau (D) Monte Carlo
Which of the following is not a bridge in Macau? (A) Ponte de Sai Van (B) Ponte Presidente Costa e Silva (C) Ponte Governador Nobre de Carvalho (D) Ponte de Amizade
What Atlantic City casino is at the intersection of Boardwalk and Park Place? (A) Bally's (B) Caesars (C) Golden Nugget (D) Harrah's
What is the most populous suburb of Las Vegas? (A) Paradise (B) Spring Valley (C) Henderson (D) North Las Vegas
Which of the following chefs has a Michelin three-star restaurant in Macau? (A) Joël Robuchon (B) Thomas Keller (C) Gordon Ramsay (D) Heston Blumenthal

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