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What is Shanghai's landmark TV tower called? (A) Jin Mao Tower (B) Oriental Pearl Tower (C) CCTV Tower (D) Shanghai Tower
Which of the following languages is in the same family as Mandarin? (A) Korean (B) Japanese (C) Tibetan (D) Mongolian
Which Northern city is famous for its ice festival, held every winter? (A) Harbin (B) Tianjin (C) Shenyang (D) Qingdao
Which of the following is a bowed string instrument? (A) guqin (B) pipa (C) sheng (D) erhu
Which of the following is a type of Oolong tea? (A) Longjing (B) Pu-erh (C) Tieguanyin (D) Baihao Yinzhen
Who was the last Emperor of China? (A) Puyi (B) Qianlong (C) Yongle (D) Yongzheng
When did Deng Xiaoping declare Shenzhen to be a Special Economic Zone, leading to rapid economic development? (A) 1970 (B) 1980 (C) 1990 (D) 2000
Which of the following crops is China not the world's top producer of? (A) apples (B) corn (C) tea (D) wheat
Which of the following is not a logographic writing system based on Chinese characters? (A) bopomofo (B) hanja (C) kanji (D) chữ nôm
Which of the following rivers forms part of the border between China and North Korea? (A) Amur (B) Pearl (C) Yalu (D) Yangtze
In which dynasty did Marco Polo visit China? (A) Tang (B) Song (C) Yuan (D) Ming
Which of the following countries does not border China? (A) Kazakhstan (B) Uzbekistan (C) Kyrgyzstan (D) Afghanistan
In what year was Macau returned to China from Portugal? (A) 1997 (B) 1999 (C) 2001 (D) 2003
What is the correct measure word to use in front of 信 (meaning letter)? (A) 只 (B) 个 (C) 本 (D) 封
In which dynasty did Cai Lun invent paper? (A) Zhou (B) Han (C) Tang (D) Song
Which of the following provinces (or autonomous regions) does not border Sichuan? (A) Tibet (B) Qinghai (C) Yunnan (D) Guangxi
After Han, what is the most populous ethnic group in China? (A) Hui (B) Manchu (C) Mongol (D) Zhuang
What country outside of mainland China and Taiwan has the most people of Chinese descent? (A) Malaysia (B) Singapore (C) Thailand (D) United States
Which of the following is not one of the Three Kingdoms? (A) Lu (B) Shu (C) Wei (D) Wu
Tsinghua University was founded using indemnity money from which conflict? (A) Opium Wars (B) Taiping Rebellion (C) First Sino-Japanese War (D) Boxer Rebellion
Which mountain range is widely viewed as the border between Northern and Southern China? (A) Qinling (B) Kunlun (C) Taihang (D) Wuyi
Where did Dongpo pork originate? (A) Hangzhou (B) Suzhou (C) Nanjing (D) Shanghai
What emotion does the expression 七上八下 convey? (A) joy (B) apathy (C) embarrassment (D) anxiety
Which Latin American country received an influx of Chinese immigrants, who developed a hybrid cuisine known as chifa? (A) Argentina (B) Chile (C) Peru (D) Mexico
Which of the following traditional characters has different simplified forms in Chinese and Japanese? (A) 國 (B) 學 (C) 龍 (D) 來

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