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Known ForAnswerHeadquarters
Pizza, Arcade games, Mouse Mascot
Slurpees, Big Gulp, Open 24 Hours
Bus transportation, Scenicruiser, 'Leave The Driving To Us'
Gasoline, Tiger Mascot, 1989 Oil Spill
'World's Greatest' Hamburgers, The Southwest, The Inferno Burger
Pizza, Stuffed Crust, Pizza Head
Electronics, Tandy, Realistic brand
Airlines, Purple planes, 'You're Now Free To Move About The Country'
Fast food hamburgers, Orange and White stripes, Chop House Cheddar Burger
Video game retailer, Game Informer magazine, 'Power To The Players'
Calculators, Speak & Spell, Computer microprocessors
Arts and crafts, Picture framing, 'Where Creativity Happens'
Cheetos, Doritos, Ruffles
Women's fitness center, Weight loss guidance, Group workout programs
Telecommunications, Southwestern Bell, U-Verse

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