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Can you name the companies based in California

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Known for:AnswerHeadquarters
Burritos, Crunchwrap Supreme, Doritos Locos Taco
Microprocessor, Pentium, '_____ Inside'
Hamburgers, 50's style diner, Singing & dancing staff
Pancakes, Crepes, 'Come Hungry. Leave Happy'
Barbie, Hot Wheels, See 'N Say
Roadster, Model S, Model X
World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft
Newton, Macintosh LC, iPad
Bleach, Toilet bowl cleaner with bleach, Disinfecting wipes with bleach.
Fast food hamburgers, Clown head, 'We don't make it 'til you order it'
Riveted jeans, Red tag, Jackets
Friends, Like button, Online games
Online auction, Sales, PayPal
TV Channel, Theme Parks, Childrens Movies
Computers, Cow Box, 'Computers from Iowa?'

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