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Forced Order
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(SONG TITLE) bloodshot eyes, (SONG TITLE), grain of sand
Run along facelift, if it kills I got news, it ain't a side effect
Think I saw her for the first time maybe in a news stand
Oh, it's late. I got hit by the closing door.
Can't afford to lose my head, can't afford to lose my cool
I tried to make a break, what a fool. I should have known I never listen, I'm in a cage
Once, there in the rain, I was able to strangle my shadow
(SONG TITLE), no thang, had it made to parade, found a sucker now I want another
We're painted as monsters, borracho cansado
In the temple (I was an offering) of the heartless (I was an offering)
I drive all alone at night, I drive all alone.
Innocence has no resistance against against a wicked counselor such as I
I've always been behind you, so I think we should meet

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