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Can you name the celebrities from their autocorrected forms?

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Man Darrow
Zachary Galician
Jason Side Ilia
David Beecham
Zara Xsan Macaw
Man Water Gear
Aid Heard RSI
Tip ac Shaker
Steve Bus Emu
Terse Withered Stone
Christianity Ronald
Matt Frowning
Leader Humberland
Phantasia Burrito
Jennifer Anus Town
Ben Battle's Burger
Samsung Sun Kyoto
Stalin Malice
Jean Jew Arson
Enrich Morrison's
Kim Carthaginian
Josh Heartbeat
Andrew Are Haven
Colin Murphy
Mika Aunts
Nicole Scherzo Get
Janine Galvanise
Julie Mini Hue
Ian Summer Holder
Ellen Degenerate

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Created Jun 11, 2012ReportNominate
Tags:Celebrity Quiz, form

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