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What is the original name of the TV show pilot that Brian writes?
In Road to the Multiverse, what universe does Stewie briefly think they should live in?
At what location did Lois originally want/plan Stewie's first birthday party to be at?
Who did Brian sing at a club with?
What costume does Peter wear as a stripper for Meg's bachelorette party?
What nickname was Lois given by the lead singer of KISS?
What was wrong with the man Lois dated when she lost her memory?
What was Stewie for Halloween?
What number was Peter when he played for the Patriots?
What did Quagmire name his daughter?
Who was Stewie's enemy and later girlfriend?
What super power did Lois get in the Supergriffins episode?
What hair color does Chris dye his hair when he is a famous artist?
What is the name of Joe and Bonnie's daughter?
What body parts do Stewie and Brian accidently get glued together?
What is Consuela's nephew's name?
What is the name of Peter's female boss?
When the world is ending, what animal does Peter take from the zoo?
What is the name of Lois' brother?
Who does Meg lose her virginity to?
What is the name of Joe's son?

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