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Can you name the most commonly used plastics (use common abbreviations)?

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Food containers, appliances, car fenders (bumpers).
Packaging foam, food containers, disposable cups, plates, cutlery, CD and cassette boxes
Electronic equipment cases (e.g., computer monitors, printers, keyboards), drainage pipe
Carbonated drinks bottles, jars, plastic film, microwavable packaging
Fibers, Textiles
Fibers, toothbrush bristles, fishing line, under-the-hood car engine mouldings
Plumbing pipes and guttering, shower curtains, window frames, flooring
Cushioning foams, thermal insulation foams, surface coatings, printing rollers
Compact discs, eyeglasses, riot shields, security windows, traffic lights, lenses
Food packaging
Wide range of inexpensive uses including supermarket bags, plastic bottles
Heat-resistant, low-friction coatings, used in things like non-stick surfaces for frying pans, plumber's tape and water slides
Contact lenses, glazing, aglets, fluorescent light diffusers, rear light covers for vehicles

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