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QUIZ: Can you name the countries with features below sea level?

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Lowest Elevation FeatureCountryElevation Below Sea Level
Dead Sea408 m
near Lake Tiberias200 m
Lac Assal155 m
Turpan Pendi154 m
Qattara Depression133 m
Vpadina Kaundy132 m
Denakil Depression125 m
Laguna del Carbon105 m
Death Valley86 m
Sebkha Tah55 m
Sabkhat Ghuzayyil47 m
Lago Enriquillo 46 m
Chott Melrhir40 m
Caspian Sea shoreline28 m
Lowest Elevation FeatureCountryElevation Below Sea Level
Shatt al Garsah17 m
Lake Eyre15 m
Sariqarnish Kuli12 m
Laguna Salada10 m
Lammefjord7 m
Zuidplaspolder7 m
Sebkhet Te-n-Dghamcha5 m
Hachiro-gata4 m
The Fens4 m
Neuendorf bei Wilster4 m
reclaimed bay of Lake Hammarsjon2 m
Rhone River Delta2 m
near Raczki Elblaskie2 m
Caribbean coastal plain2 m

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