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Who is the lead singer of DNCE?
What is thank you in German?
What was Bing's slogan from 2009-2012?
What is The Rock's real name?
What year was Queen Elizabeth II born?
What was the name of Apple Inc.'s first product?
Who sings the song Try Everything for the Zootropolis movie?
Sergey Brin and who founded Google?
What does ABC stand for in the title 'ABC News'?
Whats the name of the chemical with the chemical formula C₂₀H₁₄O₄?
What is the name of Andy Murray's brother?
Where is the Taj Mahal built?
Valerie was created by Mark Ronson and who?
In bingo, what number is 'Clickety Click'?
What is the 7th planet away from the sun?
What is Walter ''Walt'' Disney's middle name?
What is John Cena's finisher called?
Which state is YouTube's headquarters in?
Rowan Atkinson played who in the Scooby Doo Movie (2002)?
What was the name of One Directions debut single?
Who plays Professor X in X-Men?
What is the chemical element with the symbol Zr?
In The Simpsons, what is the name of the rival city?
What month is LeBron James' birthday?
What does BBC stand for?
Type out Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Rattus is the scientific name for what animal?
What is £50 in dollars? (don't put $ in answer)
Ni Hao is hello in which language?
Who invented sudoku?

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