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In what region is Scarborough
Which 'W' lies on the coast 20 miles North of Scarborough
There is a famous 'Mount' in Scarborough, who is this Mount named after
In 1993, which hotel sank into the sea
In what century was Scarborough Castle built
How many towers does the Grand Hotel have
In what year did the German Navy bombard Scarborough
Which main road terminates in the town centre linking Scarborough with Malton, York and Leeds
Which German town is Scarborough twinned with
Which Irish town is twinned with Scarborough
Which Scarborough born actor played the title role in the film 'Gandhi' in 1982
Which novelist and poet is buried in St. Mary's Church, Scarborough
Scarborough is close to which national park
Which Japanese style park featuring gardens and a lake is located near the North Bay
Which Victorian promenade links North Bay and South Bay
A town in which African country is named after Scarborough

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