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Forced Order
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'I think I failed Anatomy'
I like black chicks with big asses
Has the most PIM in his ASHL career
Frequents the wake and bake
Has been known to be confused by companies advertising 'Free Pork'
May or may not have a cute sister...sorry man
Has a GF who can lift more weights than him
Is Mexican...?
Or maybe Spanish...?
Is currently on a date with 3 girls at the same time as you are doing this quiz
'Naw, can't go...heading to Massachussettes this weekend with the wife'
Has the highest wins to games played ratio on Super Smash Bros for N64
Has the most Seinfeld knowledge
Likes his women spicy
Has been referred to as 'A little Italian weasel'
Is asian....and his name is not Vicko
Is known to study in his car before every exam
Best at Goldeneye 64
Invented copper wire by squeezing a penny too tight
Alter ego = DJ van Dutch
Brings a 6 pack, and drinks a 24 (ANS=Nickname)
'The Blaaaades are gonna get you'
Is 6 foot 2, 100 lbs soaking wet
Needs seeds to stay awake in class

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Created Dec 3, 2012ReportNominate
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