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How Much Do You Know About Special Agent L.J. Gibbs?

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His Deceased Mother?
His Three Co-Workers?
How Many Wives Has He Had?
Only Child (Daughter)?
Wife Number 2?
...Rule #6?
Gibb's Father Own's What Shop In Stillwater?
Who Is The Only Member of The Team Who Gibbs Does Not 'Gibbslap'?
From Which Police Department Did He Recruit DiNozzo?
First Wife?
In What Year Did Gibbs Join The Then N.I.S?
and Rule #51?
Who Does Tony Call 'Future Ex-Wife Number 4'?
Favorite Drink?
...Rule #12?
Which Director Did Gibbs Have A Romantic Relationship With During An Undercover Operation In Paris?
Where Does He First Meet Shannon?
What Was The Name of The Mexican Cartel Drug Dealer He Shot In Revenge For Murdering Shannon and Kelly?
Who Still Calls Gibbs Probie?
Which Actor Plays Gibbs In Series 1-Current?
Which Part of NCIS Does He Run?
How Many Times Has Gibbs Been In A Coma?
His Mother Was Dying of Cancer, So She Did What To Make Sure Her Family Didn't Have To Watch Her Suffer?
Full Name?
Position with NCIS?
What Is Rule #9?
In McGee's Novel 'Deep Six' What Is The Character Based On Gibbs Called?
His Mentor?
What Was His Job Before He Came To NCIS?
Gibb's Father Own's What Shop In Stillwater?
Gibbs Was What When He First Joined The U.S. Marine Corps?
The Agency Was Called What When He First Joined?
Who Gives Gibb's The Inspiration For His #51 Rules?
...Rule #18?
Who Claims Their Gibbs Favourite?
When DiNozzo and McGee Are Captured In Somali Looking For Ziva, Tony Refers To Gibbs As A Coffee What?
Which Senior FBI Agent Marries Gibbs Second Wife After Gibbs Gets Divorced?
Which Special Agent Was Killed At The End of Series Two Whilst Talking To Gibbs and Tony?
Gibb's Father Own's What Shop In Stillwater?

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