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Can you name the 3- and 4-letter words in this geography-themed word ladder?

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Capital City (4-Letter Word Ladder)
• At no cost • 
Raised element on the neck of a stringed instrument 
A mile has 5280 of these 
A common root vegetable with a dark purplish/red color 
Highest quality 
For fear that 
Pirates bounty 
Bird depicted on Canada's $1 coin 
A character in an animated film/show 
• A settlement smaller than a city • 
Country (3-Letter Word Ladder)
• A large body of water (e.g., Mediterranean) • 
A luxurious resort 
US Department responsible for the environment 
• A period of time on the geologic scale (e.g., Mesozoic) • 
Supportive undergarment 
___ Arthur of ' The Golden Girls' 
• A tract of open ground, like a meadow • 
Canadian band with the one hit wonder 'Steal my Sunshine' 
A writing instrument that uses ink 
Slang gaming term meaning to totally dominate 
• To have legal possession of an object • 

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