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Clue4-Letter Answer
French for 'we'
Up-and-down motions of the head
A knot-like mass of tissue
Why was 6 of afraid of 7? Because 7 8 ____!
To yearn for
A unit of window glass
To cut or peel away
Action taken before getting out of a car
The other white meat
A city in Pennsylvania (one of the cities where the 2nd Continental Congress met)
Days of ____
To drill a hole into something
Manufacturer of popular headphones
Common or mundane
A unit of rolled hay
A round spherical object that is often thrown
A place to go shopping
An ingredient in beer
Clue4-Letter Answer
Apu's store in the Simpsons - Kwik-E-____
Roman god of war
Floor pads used for protection of wrestlers and gymnasts
One of the NYC baseball teams
Drug manufactured in 'Breaking Bad' - Crystal ____
Subject in school concerned with numbers
You take one of these when you are dirty
Famous German composer
Opposite of front
A place to store money
A sharp tug or pull
Yin and ____
A loud sound made by a gun
Used to carry groceries
Pleads earnestly for something
Large containers used to store beer
Used to unlock doors

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