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Can you name the words in this word ladder based on a well known television show

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Clue3-Letter Answer
☂ One of the six basic questions (the H in the W5+H) ☂
One of the coordinates in a spreadsheet
Fish eggs
A type of bread
☂ The center of a hurricane ☂
Wall-E's romantic robotic interest in Wall-E
___ Perón - former First Lady of Argentina
An acronym for the US government section involved with environmental regulation
A luxurious resort
James Bond, for example
A female pronoun
Clue3-Letter Answer
A playlist for a band
☂ A lone player from a New York MLB team ☂
Superhero team - the X-___
A monetary unit in Japan
Hither and ___
☂ '___, the Hunter from the Future' - extremely cheesy 1983 fantasy film ☂
A type of weather pattern - ___'easter
End word of a catchphrase common in the 1990s
☂ French word for 'word' ☂
What you do to grass
Sound of a small kitten
☂ 2013 movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson ☂

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