Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Iberian Peninsula Capital and Country #2

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QUIZ: Can you name the 3-letter words in this geography themed word ladder?

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Clue3-Letter Answer
• Fleur-de-___ •
Make a false statement
Singular form of dice
Noisy clamor
A mafia boss
• ___ Appétit! •
Prohibit or disallow
A shallow baking dish
The standard number of strokes for a hole in golf
Clue3-Letter Answer
• 'Please' in Spanish: ___ favor •
The peak of a small rocky hill
A unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds (US)
A large cask used for storing liquids (like wine/beer)
• Pull •
Annoying insect
Used to carry groceries
• Slang term for 'girl' •

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