Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Classical Music Composer Part 2

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Can you name the words in this classical music composer themed word ladder?

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FIRST NAME (4-letter ladder)
Wild relative to a dog 
An elevated tract of open land 
Font style of this clue 
'The name is ____, James ____' 
U2 or Green Day, for example 
Sound made by a firing gun 
A group of people, often with a negative connotation 
MIDDLE NAME (3-letter ladder)
A Japanese diver who tends pearl-bearing oyster beds 
A way of ordering items on a menu - _ __ carte 
To be sick 
A bite from a small dog 
To take a small gulp of water 
Fluid from a plant 
Utter out loud 
Opposite of night 
To pass away 
Some people do this to their hair 
An affirmative vote 
Style of beer 
A high mountain 
A variety of venomous snake 
What is left after a camp fire burns out 
Slang term for the action performed by ushers 
LAST NAME (3-letter ladder)
___ambique or ___zarella 
Matriarch of a family 
Popular genre for a date movie - ___-Com 
Edge of a glass 
To point an arrow at a target 
Upper limb of the body 
Perhaps a Picasso or a Garfunkel 

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