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Can you name the 3-letter words in this geography themed word ladder?

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Clue3-Letter Answer
• A common insect •
• Common childhood doll - Raggedy ___ •
• ___ Rand - author of Atlas Shrugged •
Yes to a pirate
• I is to am, as we is to ___ •
Poetic form of 'Before'
The night before a holiday
• Short form of evolution, often in product names •
One of three parts of the psyche
At some point in the past
Number of revolutions around the sun
A suffix for certain fruit drinks
Increase in number
Provide help
Clue3-Letter Answer
An area of the US - the ___west
• Angry •
Harmful to oneself
Scrooge's exclamation - ___ Humbug!
• Ooh's and ___'s •
German interjection ('oh!')
Part of a play
Small island in a river
Smash song
Worn on top of one's head
• Fuel for a vehicle •
A type of fish
• Could be a sedan or a coupe •

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