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Can you correctly identify what fact matches Montreal (M) or Quebec City (Q) in this Battle of Quebec quiz?

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Can you choose which city...Montreal (M) or Quebec City (Q)
is the 2nd most populous city in Canada
hosts a famous hotel named 'Château Frontenac'
had an NHL team relocate to Denver
has hosted the Summer Olympic Games
had a MLB team relocate to Washington DC
has fortified walls surrounding the old city
is closer to the USA
had North America's first ice hotel
was originally called Ville-Marie (City of Mary)
hosts the Olympic World Anti-Doping Agency
contains the HQ of the Canadian National Railway
has the lower crime rate
hosts St. Joseph's Oratory (Canada's largest church)
is the birthplace of musician/poet Leonard Cohen
hosts La Citadelle (Canada's oldest military building)
Can you choose which city...Montreal (M) or Quebec City (Q)
is home to the Alouettes (CFL team)
is the home base for the Cirque de Soleil
has won more Stanley Cups (NHL)
was the site of an American Revolutionary War battle
has a higher percentage of native French speakers
is located further north
hosts a world famous Winter Carnival
hosts the Plains of Abraham (Seven Years' War site)
was founded first (1608 vs 1642)
hosts the world's largest fireworks festivals
has Canada's 3rd busiest airport
contains McGill University
is the birthplace of comedian Norm Macdonald
is the capital city of the Province of Quebec
has a prominent hill called Mount Royal

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