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Can you correctly identify what fact matches Ottawa (O) or Toronto (T) in this Battle of Ontario quiz?

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Can you choose which city...Ottawa (O) or     Toronto (T)
borders Gatineau, Quebec
is home to the Royal Ontario Museum
hosts the software company Corel
has a shorter driving distance to the USA
has the world's longest skating rink (Rideau Canal)
used to have a CFL team called the Rough Riders
has the busiest airport in Canada
contains the CN Tower
ranks as the most educated city in Canada
has a full-sized castle called 'Casa Loma'
is home to the Skydome (Rogers Center)
is located on Lake Ontario
is the most populous city in Canada
hosts the Maple Leafs (NHL) and Raptors (NBA)
whose name comes from Algonquin for 'to trade'
Can you choose which city...Ottawa (O) or     Toronto (T)
is the provincial capital of Ontario
is the national capital of Canada
has well-known district called ByWard Market
is the birthplace of actor/comedian Dan Aykroyd
is home to the Peace Tower
has a closer international border with the USA
is home to the Hockey Hall of Fame
is home to Carleton University
has the famous hotel Fairmont Château Laurier
has the global HQ of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts
is home to the National Gallery of Canada
hosts a huge winter festival called 'Winterlude'
is the birthplace of actor/comedian Mike Myers
has won more Stanley Cups
was originally settled as 'Bytown'

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