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Can you correctly identify what fact matches Iqaluit (I), Whitehorse (W) or Yellowknife (Y) in this Battle of Canadian Territorial Capitals quiz?

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Can you choose which city...Iqaluit(I),Whitehorse(W),Yellowknife(Y)
hosts the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
was rated with the world's lowest air pollution
is an important service centre for several diamond mining companies
is home to the igloo shaped St. Jude's Cathedral
used to be known as Frobisher Bay
is a staging ground for the Tibbit-to-Contwoyto Ice Road
is located along the Alaska Highway
was once the location of a US army air base
is located on the shore of Great Slave Lake
is the youngest territorial capital
is the most populous territorial capital
is the birthplace of actress Margot Kidder (Lois Lane)
is located on Baffin Island
is nicknamed 'The Wilderness City'
was an important settlement during the Klondike gold rush

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