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Can you correctly identify what fact matches Charlottetown (C), Fredericton (F), Halifax (H) or St. Johns (S) in this Battle of Atlantic Canada Provincial Capitals quiz?

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Can you choose which city...(C), (F), (H), or (S)
is close to the setting for Anne of Green Gables
is nicknamed the 'Birthplace of Confederation'
is the birthplace of comedian/satirist Rick Mercer
is the oldest English settlement in North America
is the most populous city in Atlantic Canada
hosts the Beaverbrook Art Gallery
is the smallest provincial capital
has a unique time zone with a 30 minute offset
is nicknamed the 'City of Stately Elms'
received the first transatlantic wireless signal
Can you choose which city...(C), (F), (H), or (S)
is the birthplace of Sidney Crosby (NHL)
hosts a number of large offshore drilling platforms
hosts the Confederation Centre of the Arts
has the busiest airport
is named after a prince
had land owned by Benedict Arnold
is home to Dalhousie University
includes Peggy's Cove in its municipality
is named after a queen
is closest to the USA

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