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Can you determine if the following events occurred between 299-200 BC (B) or between 200-299 AD (A)?

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Event299-200 BC (B) or 200-299 AD (A)
Archimedes invents the water screw
Early hot air balloon invented in China
Construction begins on the initial Great Wall of China
Founding and dissolution of the Qin dynasty in China
Hannibal crosses the Alps to invade Italy
Last Roman aqueduct constructed (Aqua Alexandrina)
Gupta empire emerges in India
First officially documented sighting of Halley's Comet
Han dynasty of China is founded
The Sassanid Empire established in Persia
Diocletian divides Roman empire into East and West
Jin dynasty established in China
Classic period of Mesoamerican civilization begins
Construction of the Lighthouse of Alexandria
Eratosthenes estimates the circumference of the Earth
First and Second Punic Wars
1000th anniversary of the founding of Rome
Saint Anthony the Great begins his hermitage in the desert
Colossus of Rhodes toppled in an earthquake
Han dynasty in China ends

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