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What does Mrs Hayward approaching Stephen to ask for his help indicate?
Where does Mrs Hayward ask Stephen to leave the basket?
What is Stephen's response to Mrs Hayward's request?
Who does Stephen suggest to take the basket instead of himself?
What realisation does Stephen have about the German man?
What is Mrs Hayward's response to Stephen's refusal?
What decision does Stephen ultimately make?
What tool is Mr Hayward described to be using?
What word convinces Stephen to hand over the basket?
Who does Stephen run home to?
What does this specific word imply about Stephen?
Where does Stephen look for his own supplies to give to Uncle Peter?
What is in there?
Who does Stephen mention to have been trapped under debris once?
Where does Stephen put the supplies?
What two things does Stephen hear in The Barns?
What can Stephen smell in The Barns?
What metal does Stephen refer to when describing Mrs Hayward?
What description is given of the steps?
Where does Stephen leave the supplies?
What is the single word Uncle Peter says?
Complete the quote 'But then yesterday's troubles aren't...'
Complete the quote 'Basket, on the bench,...'
Complete the quote 'like hermit crabs in...'

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