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Drop them and give them star prizes, lock them away in high rises
Now I'm standing like a lunatic. I bet you feel, I bet you taste good
You got no rhythm, but you know how to, know how to run
No retaliation said the poet to his kin
I'm tired of walking on another plane, nother plane cause I feel insane
Hands turn to dust, psychic waves fill the air
You said you were foolish but I saw the genius in pulling the stitches apart
Uniform disguises, no one leaves alive
I'll be waiting in the shadows, 'til the day that you fall
So let's ride it, you do it well. Shed another tear for the boys in hell
Oh, the visions! The visions are black! Tears on your gravestone, you're not coming back.
And all I have now, is being here with you
I break bones, stealin' mobile phones
There’s a constant ring of machinery, is there a place for me in history?
Sound and vision, turning inside out. The lines make you look older, then you’re gone
To the checks, won't listen now, now the fire's coming out on the city streets
Soon keep a little chance, knowing there’s something, gonna let you hide
By this sword you must know, all things come and then pass
Burn my sweet effigy, I'm a road runner
Feeling I have lost control to a higher force
We've been dead behind the eyes, switching stations as our country dies
K. I. L. L.
Lives spent digging holes to the... To the ones that hide
I need it, like potions
I'm the reason you came, shame, stroke my mane

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